Sign S3 URL - Easy Windows GUI

This project is maintained by DigitalBodyGuard


This Signs S3 URL in a easy windows GUI

Taret Windows/GUI/S3/C#/.NET/v3.5

This signs a S3 URL Add an expire time

S3SignURL GUI Image ScreenShot

It makes something like this https://bucket.s3.amazonaws.com/folder/folder/file.html?AWSAccessKeyId=AAIJBKUWCWE5AIDP3GMV&Expires=2133721337&Signature=zpN5I/VVYZ0tWBKcxmIGbkTeJ0RN/X+aFu6WD2UN

Don't give your keys to anyone, don't upload your keys to a website to sign your S3 URLs.

This is a clean tiny program, with easy to read code, see the program does one thing well.


This work is under http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/

This is free to use and deploy, but not for commercial use.